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RESULT North Shore 34–
MIT 36

September 15, 2018, 1:00pm @ GEAA Field, 663 Summer St, Lynn, MA 01905

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Referee's Official Match Report

This was a close, hard fought, overall very good game. MIT opened the scoring only a few minutes in, breaking a long run off a broken play by North Shore. North Shore quickly responded and took a lead going into halftime. Throughout the first half, MIT was offsides off the rucks a lot, and in retrospect I probably should have given out a card to try and curb the behavior. They did a much better job in the 2nd half in this regard. North Shore definitely controlled possession, but MIT did a nice job of capitalizing on the chances they did have, and scored a couple of really long breakaway runs. In the end, the difference came down to converted attempts by MIT, and a missed conversion by North Shore with only a few minutes remaining. Both teams had 5 tries and 1 successful penalty kick.

Referee: Matt Freund

Via the New England Rugby Referees Society

Our Match Report

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