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RESULT North Shore 33–
Amoskeag 26

April 15, 2023, 1:00pm @ Salem High School, 77 Willson St., Salem, MA

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Referee's Official Match Report

No report on record.

Our Match Report

The Red's spring '23 opener in the cage at Salem High school started out rough, with Amoskeag putting one up early from a knock-on off of the kickoff and quick 8-man pick from the following scrum. North Shore quickly realized we were back in full swing and had to wake up.

North Shore answered quickly with Timmy putting up 2 tries, one of them off a restart kick from Justin after an Amoskeag try. It was a back and forth battle the whole game, with no try being left unanswered. Timmy was 4/5 for extra points throughout the game.

Kevin has the stickiest fingers in the league - coming out of more than a handful of rucks with a stolen ball. Conversely, an equal number of knock-ons had North Shore playing more defense and in their own end more than they liked.

The pack held strong, cleaning up after all the knock-ons in the backs and even getting a few turnovers. Jeff, Josh, and Tom put their shoulders on the line to show Amoskeag what the North Shore is made of. Captain Ben flawlessly showed what we have been working on at practice by offloading the ball which gave Jeff a 40 Meter breakaway run and put the Reds in excellent position.

Other tries were scored by Ness with a shifty break away in the first half. Sweet Lou scored in the second after a perfectly executed center switch with Jeb, leading to him to a walk in try. Lou's score brought the match to 26-26 with 2 minutes left.

With a blast from the past, Bobby Moran came into the game late. After knocking some rust off, he ran the ball down the wing with just seconds left pushing the Reds to victory.

As is tradition, especially in the spring, numbers are light leading to a bat signal being sent out to see who would answer our call. Special thanks to Joe, Moose, Kivi, and Bobby who came to help fill our bench.

North Shore 33 -
Amoskeag 26