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Match Reports & Videos: 2022

Irish Wolfhounds

RESULT North Shore 31–
Wolfhounds 24

September 17, 2022, 1:00pm @ Irish Cultural Center, 200 New Boston Dr, Canton, MA 02021

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Referee's Official Match Report

No report on record.

Our Match Report

The Reds came out rolling against the Hounds at the ICC, putting up an early lead thanks to Timmy's phenomenal boot off the tee and the boys sticking to our game plan. Our forwards held the ball and pounded down the middle of the field opening up gaps for Jeb to do what Jeb does best - not pass and muscle his way to the try. Tommy Macrae was also able to put up a try with his speed around the edge of the wing. Not many mistakes in the first 40 min and North Shore kept battling regardless of being up for the entire half.

Start of the second the Reds aimed to keep that momentum moving but fatigue started to set in. Kevin bullied his way through the Wolfhounds defense while they attempted a goal line stand but couldn't keep Duffy from touching it down. Even with the momentum in our favor, there were a few restarts where the Reds were slow to get back and to the line so the Hounds were able to capitalize on some cheeky quick plays to put up a few scores.

Near the end if the match Justin laced a perfect pass skipping 3 guys out wide again to Tommy Macrae for his second score, but the Irish quickly answered and put another on the board Ultimately, the clock was wearing Red this game as there was less than a minute left following the Hounds try. These little mistakes are fixable and boil down to the level of fitness the team has to be able to run for 80 min, especially with what limited reserves we have week to week.

Score: W 31-24