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Match Reports & Videos: 2022

Worcester 7s Tournament

RESULT North Shore 1–
Opponents 2

June 11, 2022, 10:00am @ Worcester, MA

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Referee's Official Match Report

No report on record.

Our Match Report

The Reds of North Shore kicked off the summer season this morning at the Worcester 7's Tournament.

Match 1 - NSRFC vs. Providence Rugby

The first half saw the Reds struggling to find a rythym, and, for some late arrivals, parking spots. Providence was able to dot down a number of tries while the men in red were unable to mark the score sheet.

Overall the second half was much stronger on both sides of the ball for the reds. They found their footing - playing strong defense, stepping up the poaching game with number of successful attempts, and drawing penalties for not releasing.

Tim Wilkinson broke the ice for North Shore scoring off a Kevin Duffy poach and offload up the right sideline(converted by Tim). Later on in the half, after a couple strong runs through contact, Tom Moore was able to fend off a defender and make the offload to a streaking "Scary" Larry Scola who touched it down between the posts. Unfortunately, Tom was unable to convert - he pulled the pitching wedge out when he probably should've opted for the 9 iron.

Providence 40ish- NSRFC 12

Match 2 - NSRFC vs. Mystic B 43-0

The boys in Red took the field for game 2 of the day against Mystic Rivers 2nds. Although over matched from the opening kick off against Mystics deep "social" side, there was no quit in the Reds. Despite some solid drift defense and strong tackling, Mystic dominated possession in the first half scoring 4 tries (3 converted).

The second half continued much like the first; North Shore was unable to secure much possession and Mystic added 3 more tries (1 converted). When the Reds did have the ball, they saw some strong running from the likes of Josh "Puke Skywalker" Kennedy and solid support line from "Scary" Larry.

In an unusual turn of events, for parts of the game there were actually 8 Reds on the field but, much like his North Shore brethren, Arif Taruz was unable to secure much possession and was held scoreless.

NSRFC 0- Mystic B 43

Match 3 - NSRFC v. Fluffy Cat

In the third and what would be final match of the day, the Reds faced Fluffy Cat. A motely crew comprised of whores, Worcester old boys (and current players), and one possible ex-con in jean shorts. With enough familiar faces from this Spring's infamous "Alamo" match, this game was shaping up to be "The Alamo 2: Electric Boogaloo". A depleted North Shore side went down early with Fluffy Cat scoring 2 quick tries (1 converted). The Reds finally had a chance to express themselves and responded with two unanswered tries to end the first half. The first came off a long run from Scola that was capped by a goaline pop to Wilkinson for a score under the sticks (converted by Tim) and the second after a line break by Ben Comeau, with Nate "Squirt" Mullins in support. Although it seemed that team Fluffy had spoiled the Reds at the 5 meter line after an errant pass, the sir deemed them offsides, and Tim was able to take a quick tap and carry 3 grown men into the try area and touch it down (converted by Tim).

The Reds continued their unanswered scoring in the second half. After taking a jean short clad knee to the noggin late in the first half, a dazed Squirt made the odd choice of fielding a kick and running directly into touch. Fortunately, a quick thinking Larry marked the lineout and prevented a quick throw from the Fluffy Cats. Tim Wilkinson was able to steal the ensuing lineout, and Hartigan shuffled the ball out to assistant head coach Sean Mahoney, who had come on for the injured Squirt ( a 17 year age difference in the wrong direction). Showing his years of experience, Mahoney read the D, put the pedal to the floor, and beat the defense around the corner. Unfortunately, however, the years (and the defense) caught up to him... but another Red's vet Jerry Calixte didn't "needmotime" and was there in support. He was able to recycle the ball which then found its way to Larry for the try (converted by Tim). The rest of the game was the Tim Wilkinson show in which he scored a pair of nifty tries. On the first, he charged down the pitch and intercepted a failed chip attempt from rather portly gentlenmen. Tim's second came from a scrum. It started with beautiful feed and then hook from Hartigan and Larry...or was it Larry and Hartigan...Larrtigan? Anyway, Tim recovered his own chip - a thing of beauty - and scored (unconverted). North Shore closed out the day scoring 33 unanswered points. I'd be remiss, however, to not mention the one disciplinary action against the Refs today; Kevin Duffy was yellow carded in the 5th minute of the second half for a vicious form tackle that the sir deemed unsafe. Even an unbiased observer may have described it as "hitting too hard".

NSRFC 33- Fluffy Cat 17

All in all a good start to the summer, but still loys of work to be done.