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NERFU Championship vs. Maccabis

RESULT North Shore 29–
Maccabis 39

April 20, 2019, 2:30pm @ Cold Springs Park, Beacon St., Newton, Ma, 02461

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Referee's Official Match Report

No report on record.

Our Match Report

This past Saturday North Shore headed down to Newton, MA to face-off against the Boston Maccabi Rugby Club for round 1 of the playoffs. Being a re-match from last years playoffs, it was a highly anticipated game that kept spectators in suspense until the final whistle.

In the first 15 minutes the Maccibi's were able to show more strength out of the gates, forcing the Red's to defend in their own territory. This resulted in an early penalty conversion and a converted try 15 minutes in (BM 10- NS 0). The Red's realized they were starting to get into a hole and decided to turn it on, they were able to put the pressure back on the Maccabi's and got on the scoreboard in the 18th minute with a penalty conversion by Tim (BM 10- NS 3).

After some more back-and-forth play the Maccabi's were able to increase their lead with two more tries, one of which was converted (BM 22 - NS 3). With little to no time left in the half North Shore knew that they had to switch the momentum, and they did just that with some massive crash balls from the forwards and a strong try-scoring run from Arif to tighten the scoreline before the half (BM 22 - NS 10).

The second half seemed to be more of an even sided match-up, with the teams trading tries back and forth. North shore with 2 tries coming from Karim and Jeb. And the Maccabi's, seeming to take advantage of any small North Shore mistakes, scoring 3 tries of their own. After 20 minutes into the second half score was (BM 39 - NS - 22).

The last 20 minutes of the match was all North Shore, showing that they had superior endurance, they were able to dominate possession in the last quarter of the game. Out of all of the pressure came a try from Mahoney in the 75th minute (BM 39 - NS 29). And the barrage continued, as North Shore kept possession, and made the end of this game an exciting one. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late, as the final whistle blew (BM 39 - NS 29).

All in all, it was an incredible effort by the Red's, an exciting game to cap off a great season that the entire team can be proud of. On behalf of the captains, I want to extend a big thank you to everyone involved - Players, Old Boys, WAG's, and especially the coaches, this type of success does not happen without the solid coaching and leadership that Frank, Ade, and Sean have provided.

On to next Week - North Shore vs. Charles River, a Classic Rivalry!