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How to Join NSRFC

NSRFC, November 2014

How to Join NSRFC

Joining the team is easy. Just show up to a practice and play some rugby! No experience is necessary! So if you'd never picked up a rugby ball before in your life, don't worry about it. And of course if you'd like to speak directly to our recruitment chair, you can email Tom Moore directly. He can answer any questions you have.

Staying in Contact

When you join the team, a member of NSRFC will take down your email information and add it to our mailing list. This is where you will remain in contact with information about team events, practices, and games.

Equipment Needed

When first coming around to practices, shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers are just fine. But as you progress with the sport with NSRFC, it will be required to have a few necessary items to practice and play rugby in: cleats, mouth guard, high socks, rugby jersey, and rugby shorts. Some of these items we can sell you directly, so ask around at practice and we can see if we have what you need available. Otherwise you can purchase the gear at most sporting goods stores, or through online rugby retail stores.

Directions To The Field

Our practice and match field is located in Lynn, MA. The address is 663 Summer St. Lynn, MA and can be accessed from Route 1.

Men's Training Schedule

No experience necessary!

Day Date Event
Nothing scheduled.